The Final Blog?

It has been a long time since I’ve been around, I know I haven’t contributed much to this blog and I had every intention of it being more active and robust. Like all things though, and all plans really, things change over time and I’ve essentially scrapped all the plans that I had made for this little corner of the internet. For clarity’s sake, I haven’t stopped for any other reason than time, there are only so many free hours of the day and lately a lot of those hours have been spent wasted away on one thing or another. Even now as I right this I’m being equally distracted by Reddit, my attention span seems to get shorter and shorter and on one hand I want to better myself and on the other I allow myself to be distracted far too much.

I do also recognize the fact that I’ve tried to stretch myself far too thin as well. Trying to keep up with this blog, my other writing, drawing, streaming, and now “Let’s Play” videos, not to mention a list of other projects I want to work on as well. Because of all of this I finally made the decision that I need to cut back, refocus, and work on only one or two projects at a time before moving on to the next and in that spirit this blog is going to be shelved for now.

I don’t plan on making a new one or moving on, no, in this case I merely plan to stop adding to it for the time being. I do want to return to it, but I think the plans I had were too grand for where I’m at now. Eventually I’ll be able to move my family into a house, make a proper studio for streaming and videos and to work in piece on my writings and when that day comes I will pick this blog back up in earnest. Until that time comes, however, I’m going to have to take a step back, right now my focus is streaming, occasional “Let’s Play” videos, and my Patreon page will I will link here once I’m ready to promote it more vigorously as well as able to maintain a steady schedule.

Before I close this though, I do want to make clear that my random writing prompts that I started sharing here will be on my Patreon as well, but will always be free for anyone visiting as I do still want to share my writings and have them read.

One day we will meet here again, until then I can still be found on Twitch, Twitter, Patreon (obviously, since that’s the third time I’ve mentioned it), eventually Instagram (am there now but I don’t contribute much at the moment either), and where ever else I decide to pop up. To those who have followed along and liked my work, I truly thank you, it is that reason alone that I’ve decided to refocus on what I truly want to do, I have greatly appreciated your support in the past and never once took it for granted, always knowing that someone was there to read was my biggest inspiration.

Thank you, my friends, until we meet again.

~Fallyn Aing3al~