Gaming Memories: The Manual

I suppose this is just a little random, but it definitely does involve gaming memories and I’ve seen it every now and again pop up on Twitter. A random thought, a mention of missing those little pamphlets that used to be packaged along with some of our favorite games. I’ll be honest, it’s one of the things I miss most about modern gaming.

Now to be fair, I completely understand why we don’t have them anymore, between cost and wanting to reduce waste it makes sense to phase out the practice, though to be completely honest that doesn’t mean I like the fact that manuals are a thing of the past. Some of my greatest memories were looking through a game manual and not just from console games, PC games back in the day had some weighty manuals themselves. Speaking of PC manuals, at one point in my life my bookshelves were filled with them in a bizarre library of sorts; Sim Tower, Sim Ant, Nox, C&C, and a long list of other’s filled the shelves as easily as my Forgotten Realms novels…ah those were the days.


Now we’re lucky if we get anything at all, and in a gaming world where things are inching their way more and more towards digital the lack of any real sense of ownership is fleeting. Realistically, game manuals can make a strong comeback especially since there are so many ways to make paper products out of recycled materials but in that instance it comes down to cost and let’s face it, why spend more money on a manual when you can charge $100, $200, or more, for a collector’s edition that has a lot of extra “digital” content and maybe a statue, or something else. To be honest I’d gladly trade CE’s just to have game manuals back, they were a great resource for extra info, story, item info, and so much more, I mean come on later on manuals became a way to advertise other games from a developer or publisher and you had a lot better shot of someone seeing that ad than you do now with ad blockers and phasing out of print media.


Sure this is a little bit of a rant, but it’s one born of fond memories of reading through these tiny treasure troves of information, nostalgic for sure but for me personally, as I get older, I constantly find myself looking back with a smile at the memories I was able to make all because of a simple, little, booklet.

~Fallyn Aingeal~

Extra note: This is much shorter than the usual post, I haven’t been feeling well but I didn’t want to miss another post, hopefully next week’s will be back up to my usually abnormally high standards.

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