Rough Start to 2020

So as of this writing, or at least the beginning of this writing because I know it will take me a few days to finish it, I’m already behind on my 2020 plans though to be fair not completely my fault either. So, leading up to today (12/28), I’ve had the craziness of Christmas coupled with a nasty cold which has severely slowed down anything I wanted to work on, heck I haven’t even had time to play any games.

I had hoped that by now I would have at least a couple of reviews done and I was on track with finishing God of War but then things ground to a halt so I’ll have to find a way to catch up and get ahead. Under normal circumstances I would already give up for the year, but I’m still determined to make 2020 a turning point in every way so really, I just have to power through this cold and get back on track. I do have a few games to play that I’d like to talk about it’s just finding the time and the energy. Also coming up in four days I’ll be hitting my 38th year of existence on this floating orb so that will slow me down a little too what with celebrating and everything.

Another thing I’ve started, apparently I already had a GoodReads account and completely forgot about it, but I’d like to read and talk about more books so I set myself a challenge to read 5 books in 2020. Now I know that doesn’t sound like much but finding time to read is a challenge for me so it’s a reasonable goal in my opinion. Obviously, I want to read more than that but it’s a start.

Speaking of challenges, and getting back to my Steam list, which is every growing, I’m setting the same goal of five games to finish by the end of the year. Now just like the books there is a strong chance I can go past that, so I’ll update my goals as necessary but for right now it’s a good starting point.

Looking back I suppose I’m not truly as far behind as I thought I was, yes I had hoped to have a second review ready to give me a little more time but that’s alright. Now while this is up here and now on the first of the year there won’t be one this weekend as I’m counting this for this weeks post and it’ll still give me a little more time to get ahead, also, I got a new sketchbook finally so I’m going to be drawing again and this time really working at it.

That’s all for now folks, I know it isn’t a grand opening to the new year thanks to this cold but it’s a start and my hopes are still high that things will be just fine.

~Fallyn Aingeal~

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