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Today I have a real treat, thanks to a good friend I’m able to talk about a game that I loved in its original form and have been aching to have since it was essentially remade recently. By now I’m hoping thanks to the title you’ve figured out I’m talking about Resident Evil 2, if not, well…I’m talking about Resident Evil 2. I’ll be honest though; I don’t ever recall beating the original on the PS1 without the help of a GameShark though I will say I have no regrets in that either but that’s a subject for another day. Circling back to RE2, the newer that is, I haven’t gotten very far in I admit but almost immediately the differences are obvious and I’m not talking about just the visuals either.

I know, by now everyone has played it so going over it is pointless…well guess what I’m gonna do anyways, that’s right, let’s go through some of this starting with the biggest difference. In the past you started up after the crash where Leon and Claire separate and go off to survive, well here we start at a convenience story which in my opinion is actually better, it gives a little more context and a little more of a connection between the two. At this point though I should point out that for me the game is rather laggy at times, in fact there are moments when action starts happening is when it starts to get a little choppy and I think that’s partly due to my PC specs. Mind you now my PC isn’t exactly a lightweight but some of the parts are a bit old and could do with some upgrading, so it forces me to play on the medium side of quality as opposed to the highest setting.

All he wants is a little kiss, honest!

Outside of the problems I’ve laid out above, and I use the word problem very loosely in this instance as the problems are on my end, there is so far nothing about this game that I do not love…even the frustration of Mr. X though I will say that Mr. X is the one thing I could most definitely do without but that’s just me I suppose. To be quite honest I prefer is more subtle use in the original vs the stalking, “nemesis” of the remake and I’ll explain why too. You see for me, games like this give me higher levels of anxiety for various reasons and not necessarily because they are scary, no, it’s the concept of dying in the game that ups the blood pressure and anxiety.

Now a lot of this stems from a very unfortunate incident involving a multi-page PS1 memory card (if you remember what those are), Final Fantasy VII, about 50 hours of playtime, and a wiped save file as a result. So imagine investing all that time in a story and now know you’ll have to repeat it all because of data loss, my fear in this case is because I have such a short attention span that I’ll just toss the game aside for years before trying again, hoping I’ll have forgotten the story enough that it will still feel new to me in a sense. All of that being said RE2 shoots all of that through the roof because Mr. X on his own creeps me the hell right out and adding that level of anxiety on top of it pushes me back to playing from save point to save point…roughly five or ten minutes at a time, before I’m somewhat forced to call it quits for a few hours or a few days.

You would think with all of that I would hate the game but to the contrary I love it, maybe even more because of it. Yes, it frustrates me at times, and reduces my play time in a sense but I don’t honestly think I would have it any other way. In the end, the RE2 remake not only does justice to the original in many ways but it reinvents the game as well with it’s modern look and updated systems. For a while Capcom seemed to be somewhat out of it in a sense, not really seeming to care much about their fanbase, and then Monster Hunter World hit, then RE2, now RE3 remakes which to me are the biggest games they’ve had in a long while and all have helped them in several ways. A better image, a more inviting modern game library, and just as bright of a future as the 80s and 90s and I honestly hope they continue this momentum.

~Fallyn Aingeal~

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