Writing Prompt #1

“Write about someone who works an average job — but incorporate elements of magic into it.”

Julie sighed again as she stared at her lifeless screen, this was the third time today it had gone down, and she had passed the point of frustration and started to dip into annoyance at the constant interruptions. More and more it seemed her computer was determined to undermine her work at every turn, and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do, every delay brought her closer to her deadline with barely any work to show for it. She reached down beneath her desk and pressed the power button a few times and receiving no results let out a grunt and pushed her rolling chair away from her desk, standing slowly she turned to stare out of her tenth floor window at the city below.

“Every day it’s the same thing, work, home, sleep, rinse and repeat. There has to be something better to get out of life than this.” Julie couldn’t help but muse to herself as she watched the endless drone of people down on the street.

As she mused about her less than exciting life, Julie slowly raised her left hand out and slightly behind her as her coffee mug slowly began to rise from her desk surrounded in a soft, purple, glow and gently floated into her waiting hand. For three years she had worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between humans and Dahlians, the months she poured into dispelling the fears that humans held against her kind so that the two could live in harmony and now, as her work was nearly complete, the primitive tech that the humans provided was constantly failing. Worse yet she found herself increasingly in need of Ned’s assistance in repairing the temperamental technology.

She took a sip of her coffee and instantly recoiled in disgust, her face contorted in ways she hadn’t thought imaginable as the now cold liquid touched her lips and tongue. “Bah! It’s a wonder that humans can drink this swill at all, let alone cold and under ice, how do they do it?” she muttered under her breath as she raised the index finger of her opposite hand to the base of the mug and with a thought brought the black liquid to a boil. “I guess there’s no avoiding it, I’d better notify Ned that my machine is down again.”

Julie turned back to her spacious office and stared into the center, with a snap of her fingers a blazing, blue, portal opened in the center and in a flash it was gone leaving the confused and quite visibly terrified technician standing awkwardly in the center of her office. For the first time in the day, perhaps even the week, Julie smiled, not out of cruelty but out of a genuine sense of joy. As much as she hated to call on the young man to fix her machine she always loved seeing him because out of every human she had met he was not afraid of her for who she was, although his confused and scared face did make her chuckle as well, but that was simply a happy bonus.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried writing from a prompt (since high school actually) but it’s a way for me to practice. I may not have hit the exact point of the prompt but I think I got pretty close, plus I wasn’t sure how much I should write or when a good place to stop was so I’m leaving it as it is. Thanks for reading.

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