Writing Prompt #3

Fair warning: I may not be a pro writer, but this scared me a little as I wrote it so…totally not responsible for any nightmares 😛

She studied her face in the mirror…

A single, dim, bulb hung swaying on a line in the bathroom where she stood and cast dark shadows upon the floor beneath her. All around her it felt as if time had stopped, the only indication that it hadn’t was the gentle sound of water filling the cast-iron tub behind her. All around the room was bathed in a mixture of dull yellow from the flickering bulb and deep blues from the tiles around her and aside from the sound of water running no other sound could be heard.

After a long while the girl, who could be no more than ten by the size of her, raised a hand to the steamed over mirror in front of her and pausing for a long moment to take in the pale sight of her own flesh. She couldn’t help but bring her hand closer to her face to inspect it, peeking through her soaked hair as it hung in front of her face and a small tear slid down her cheek. She turned and twisted her hand slowly, inspecting it from every angle she could think of but in every way there was no denying that it wasn’t normal, a pale blue and grey and the tips of her fingers shriveled as if from being in water for far too long. Several more tears streaked her face, turning dark, even red as they dripped to the floor and hesitantly she pushed her hand to the mirror once more, ever so slowly wiping away the moisture on the glass and once again through dripping hair she saw her reflection.

At first, she wasn’t sure if it was truly her, the skin of her face matching her hand and streaks of red running down her cheeks from her eyes…oh her eyes, what had happened to them. As she looked into her own eyes, what were once brilliant blue had died off to nothing but onyx dots as red continued to flow and she tilted her head slightly in confusion. This couldn’t be her, it didn’t look like her, in fact whatever was looking back at her was most definitely no longer of the living and it wasn’t until that moment that she realized that the hair that hung in front of her couldn’t be hers, it was black and her hair was a golden blonde.

She continued to stare at the creature in front of her as dots of memories slowly crept back into her mind, her mother and father, picnics out in the lawn, her puppy bouncing around and constantly licking her face as she giggled. Wait, her face, that face, no it couldn’t be it had to be a trick of the light or even a bad dream but it couldn’t be her because what was looking back was definitely not the blue eyed and blond haired girl that she was.

After what felt like forever she took a step closer to the mirror, once again she slowly touched the glass where the creatures cheek was, particularly where the blood was running down from the eyes and just as slowly moved her hand back to her own cheek an wiped. As she pulled her hand back and looked she could see the smear of blood on her fingers before looking back to see a matching smudge on the creature and almost instantly she began to cry, more memories began to flood her mind as she saw the bathroom in her mind though it was different. She could see the room lit up brilliantly and in perfect order and not the crumbling mess she stood in now, she saw the tub as all it’s glory of gold and silver as it filled while around her it began to overflow and splash on the floor around her. She even saw the bubbles as she remembered relaxing in the tub after a day of playing outside with the pup.

As her memories continued to return she even managed a smile despite the new look she had acquired, even closing her eyes to bask in the warm thoughts when suddenly, and without warning, she recoiled quickly as if she’d just been stabbed yet in her thoughts she could see two hands and nothing more pushing her under the water. Her body convulsed as she tried to fight off the attack in her mind, water beginning to pour from her mouth as she thrashed about the mangled room, the blood from her eyes coming in thicker streaks and almost as quickly as it began the thoughts ended and she looked back to the mirror, some of the flesh from her face having rotted away, becoming more disfigured after the struggle. Worst of all, however, as her dark eyes focused once more and her chest heaved to catch the breath that would not come she saw a new shadow behind her, a man, a tall man, but without a feature to his face and dressed in all black. He raised his hands slowly and she saw the black gloves that held her under the water, the reason for her new and twisted design, and she let out a scream that shattered the mirror almost instantly and began to shake the walls and yet the man advanced on her and as she crumbled to the floor she realized what had happened. She had died, or rather been murdered, she knew she was gone the moment she saw her hand and thought that she was simply cursed to exist in the room of her demise for all eternity, but her death wasn’t an end it was the beginning of an eternity of torment, of reliving that moment again and again and she couldn’t help but wonder as she lay on the floor, sobbing as hard as she could, what she could have done to deserve such an existence…

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