Hi there! I’m Fallyn Aing3al! If you haven’t read my first post, and depending on when you’re reading this one that could be a long time ago that I posted it, I figured I’d share just a little bit about myself here for your enjoyment.

I’m a gamer that started out with the Atari 2600 and have been a gamer ever since, currently my console of choice is the PS4 (switching from the Xbox One for a bit) though my favorite console throughout the history of gaming is the Super Nintendo. When I’m not able to play on any of my consoles (and I have many) I’m usually on my PC gaming or creating something whether it be writing, drawing, or any new hobbies I try to stay busy as best I can.

As for my handle, I’ve had it for years and it’s become a part of me and not likely to change any time soon. Now granted I prefer spelling it without a number but I didn’t have that chance when I joined Twitch so I just have to deal with it and speaking of Twitch…

Once upon a time I used to stream semi-regularly and I loved it even if most of the time no one was watching, it was rather therapeutic in a way actually. After a bit of a break and spending far too much time wallowing in depression I’ve started streaming again, on a somewhat regular schedule, usually on Saturday mornings but there are times that isn’t possible, either way I’m back (for the most part).

Outside of that, I’d rather not turn this into a list of things I like and don’t like, most of who I am usually comes through in my writing or on stream anyway but if I do start getting a lot of the same questions I’ll most likely put an answer in here as well.