Gaming Memories: Memory Card Madness

It’s been a while since we dove back into the old memory banks so maybe it’s time to go…back in time, so to speak. I’ve talked  before about Final Fantasy VII which is one of my favorite of the series whether it’s my absolutely favorite or not is up for debate because there are several that I really love, but this time I’m not talking about the game itself but something that happened during that very long adventure.

I’m sure you all remember multi-page memory cards, if you don’t then you’re lucky, and if you’re lucky enough not to have an issue with one then even luckier. Anyway, moving on, I had one of those atrocious things because I didn’t know any better after all I was in high school so what could I possibly know besides everything. The idea of a memory card that had 99 pages of individual memory cards seemed like a brilliant idea and up until Final Fantasy VII it was a perfectly wonderful idea. Then came the fateful day, roughly fifty or so hours into the game (possibly a little less, I’ll even say it was closer to forty or so just to be safe), I came home from school and was greeted with a corrupted save file.

Now it’s fair to say that if I don’t have a form of ADD, either back then or even now, I would be a bit surprised and while there are some things that can manage to focus my attention for long stretches of time (like FFVII for instance), being faced with having to repeat that much of a game with a lot of un-skippable cutscenes in between was devastating at the time and would be soul crushing now. Needless to say that is exactly what happened, I had to painstakingly trek through a large chunk of the game and everything I had completed just to get back to where I was and while I really loved the game both then and though, it was a frustrating experience to go through and when you figure in the replay time, and throw in how long it took me to complete the game at the time (approximately 90 hours) I invested well over one hundred hours into the game.

Needless to say, I learned two very important lessons that day, the first was to save more than once with more than one save file and the second was to almost never trust third party memory cards…and I mean like ever!

Anyone else have a fun experience like this? Losing a crap ton of hours invested in a game due to a corrupt or missing file?