Building A World, A Jurassic World

I’m not sure where to start here, if you don’t know anything about Jurassic World Evolution it’s basically a Jurassic Park version of Planet Zoo, which is the zoological version of Planet Coaster…wow that was deep, sort of. Essentially, it’s a city builder/tycoon style game which ranks it pretty high on my favorite genre list and while I wanted to get Planet Zoo first, this one was much more in my price range at the time of this writing. Now to be fair, since it was Jurassic Park I had planned on getting it eventually anyway, I’ve always loved the movies or at least a few of them plus the idea of running a park specifically designed to showcase dinosaurs is a pretty sweet deal too.

To start, the game is beautiful, no question about it, they took a great deal of care in bringing dinosaurs and the environment to life in an amazing way, but this game is far more than just its visuals that’s for sure. For starters it’s very easy to get in to as well as easy to play which when it comes to a tycoon style game is fairly important in my book. After that there is of course the voice acting which, while the smaller characters are well acted, the real gold for me is simply having Jeff Goldblum reprising his role (again) as Dr. Malcom. Now granted he’s not the only one to make an appearance but certainly my favorite reason.


Okay enough filler, let’s really talk about this game, and I want to start off with what would be my biggest gripe about it from what I’ve seen. It has several different modes, but my favorite of any Tycoon/City Builder style game is sandbox mode because I just want to build and manage, and this has that with what seems a major catch. See from what I can tell, in order to actually use sandbox mode, you have to finish an island in campaign mode which is somewhat frustrating and rather annoying. To be completely honest though I’m also not surprised, as much as I enjoy this game as well as Planet Coaster, sandbox mode is the most annoying. Between Jurassic World Evolution where you have to essentially earn the right to play in sandbox mode and Planet Coaster where the mode is basically giving you everything, taking away the concept of researching rides, they haven’t found a right mix when handling the mode.

All of that being said however, that is really the only complaint I have about the game, it’s incredibly addicting and easy to play but just challenging enough to keep it interesting. Voice acting is excellent, and visuals are beautiful and quite honestly the only reason not to like this is if you aren’t a fan of dinosaurs and even then, it’s kind of iffy because it’s still an immensely enjoyable game. I will add that in addition to essentially creating a Jurassic zoo, you also get to research and hatch dinosaurs, sending teams out to find fossils and learning about them adds a little bit extra for me.


I’m sure this isn’t as interesting as any previous post but there isn’t a lot to say, well there is and there isn’t. At the game’s core it’s your basic tycoon game but the dino doggo’s make it an extra level of interesting and well worth giving it a go though I can’t honestly say I would pay full price for it. It’s good on so many levels but definitely one worth waiting for a sale.

~Fallyn Aingeal~